TEA Transplanter

Manufacturer/Company Name: Hamilton Design &TEA Project

Product Name:TEA CUBE600N Transplanter

Weight: 550kg

Dimensions (L, W, H):2910 L (incl. exit platorm) x 1860 W x 1985 H (mm – approx.)

Total Air Consumption: 100 liters/min (approx.)

Total kVA: 1.25 kVA (1kW – 110V or 220V single-phase supply)

Finish Containers: Virtually all makes and sizes – flats/packs, pots in trays, and hanging baskets

Number of grippers: 3-12

Gripper Sizes: 30mm (std) or 50mm (retrofitable option)

How many plants per hour: 1500+ plants per hour per head – Approx

10,000 per hour with 6 heads.

Motor Type: DC

Number of Planting combinations that can be stored internally: 99

(plug trays) + 99 (containers)

Changeover Time Between Combinanations: 20-30 seconds

Plug Tray Cell Size Range: Any tray up to 600mm wide

Extras: none required

The major advantages of the Cube Transplanter are speed and versatility. The transplanter will accept virtually any plug tray, pack, pot or hanging basket on the market today. The machine is on castors, making it moveable from one area to another.
The transplanting configuration ensures maximum speed of the mechanism, and can offer an operating speed equivalent to other models with many more heads. It can also be more cost-effective to purchase two Cube transplanters than one much larger machine. This gives the ability to run two production lines side-by-side with the same or different product, giving minimum down-time and versatility second to none.

TTA Transplanting Equipment

TTA at Bleskensgraaf, The Netherlands, has been a leader in the field of automated equipment for plant handling, plant selection and internal transport solutions for many years.
TTA stays at the leading edge of innovation with versatile, productive equipment. Because of this, TTA has built a solid reputation with many customers in Europe, the United States and Australia.

Through extensive development, modern production methods, onsite installation and understanding our customers needs, we are able to design and produce machines that conform to our customers wishes.
Our commitment to our customers has not changed, they are the driving force behind our equipment design, improvements and our ever increasing product line.

TTA PackPlanter

The PackPlanter is designed as a high-speed and versatile transplanter for packs and shuttle trays. Whether it is a primary transplanter for the small grower or a supplementary transplanter for the larger grower, the PackPlanter incorporates all the versatality TTA has become known for. Transplanting quality is guaranteed by using the proven TTA gripper design and pusher pins (to assist the extraction of plugs with minimal roots or overly developed roots). By using a plant-shift movement, for the gripper to shift underneath foliage, plants with larger leaves can be transplanted. The PackPlanter is provided with on-the-fly adjustments for planting-depth, shift-movement and planting-speed. It comes with a stockbelt and a flatbelt. For the infeed of the donortrays, a special feeding system is used in order to gain transplanting speed. The PackPlanter provides high-speed capacity in a small frame. In order to provide easy operation, the plantgrippers can be adjusted by means of a quick-lock system. Various transplanting programs and -settings can be stored in a memory, which also provides self-diagnosis in order to insure minimal down-time.

TTA Midi+ Transplanter

The MIDI is a fully-automatic small transplanter designed for small and medium sized companies.
A tray with plant material (donor tray) is taken into the MIDI through an automatic infeed system, which also provides a buffer of trays before the transplanter. As soon as the tray is positioned, each separate small plant is picked up by a gripper directly or with a side shift movement. At the same time and 100 % synchronic with picking up the plants from the top, the plugs are pushed up through a set of pusher pins from the bottom of the donor tray. This makes it possible to handle minimal rooted or even over-rooted plugs almost without plant damage. Each gripper is controlled by an individual micro-processor with servo motor. The grippers are available in various sizes; the size of the gripper depends on the size of the plant. Programming new positions is very easy: pressing the button sets the grippers to neutral. You manually set each gripper to the new desired position and store this position with a press of the button. These positions and setpoints can be stored and called up for future use. By using this revolutionary technique the MIDI is able to bed out plants in different patterns whatsoever. The MIDI is available with 3 upto 16 plant grippers and can do 3.000 upto 16.000 plants per hour. The basic frame is flexible designed so that the TTA-MINI can plant out different configurations for example:
– Planting in (shuttle)trays
– Planting in packs
– Planting in loose pots, direct over a pot-filler, equal which brand

TTA Midi+ Grading Transplanter

This gradingsystem has the possibility to check a tray from the top on the presence of enough leaves by means of a digital camera unit in combination with the TTA VisionPlus system. In order to work with the system, the plants should not be too large and never cover the cells of the neighbour plants. The output information from the TTA-VisionPlus will be stored in a memory and the tray comes into the TTA transplanter. Now, the plantgrippers will receive the information from the memory and just pick up the plants which are selected as OK. The empty plugs will be left in the tray. Because the VisionPlus will image the whole tray, the flats will be planted to very near 100%



Contact us today for further information. This machine includes a couple of planting kits and others are available to match your specific needs. System is in good running condition and can be purchased as is or we can refurbish it to like-new condition.



Rapid Transplanter 2000 Set-up For 288 And 512. (Kits May Require Revision For Some 288 & 512 Trays) Machine In Good Running Condition And Ready For Delivery. Contact Us Today For Further Information And A Great Price!!! POSTED DEC 08′

Includes Automatic Dibble

TTA Packplanter Transplanter Video

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