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HES Hortipotter Potting Machine. Use For High Speed Pot Filling Or As A Potting Assembly Line. Models Available For Up To 15 Gallon Pot Size Or For Up To 30 Gallon Pot Size. Feed Hopper Sizes Are 4 Yd. Capacity or 10 Yd. Capacity. The Pictured Unit Was Designed To Be Fed By A Batch Mixer And Utilize The Extended Soil Return Incline Conveyor As The Mix Loading Conveyor Too. Heavy Duty Construction, Powder Coating, User/Maintenance Friendly Designs And Support Will Ensure Years Of Service from this Potting Machine. With Optional V-Wiper, Bed Vibrator, And Compaction Roller This Unit Will Double As A Flat/Tray Filler. Let Us Fill All Of Your Production Equipment Needs!

Hopper Can Be Loaded With Loader And Inclines Shortened To Use Without Mixer.

Rebuilt ES500XL Potting Machine

Machines Are Stripped To Bare Frame, Sandblasted, Damaged Metal Repaired Or Replaced, Epoxy Primed And Painted. Potting Machine Is Assembled With All New Parts With Select Few Like New Parts Utilized.
Potting Machine Fills Pots Up To 7 Gallon (14″ Diameter) And Can Drill A Liner Hole Up To 9″.
Soil Feeds From Integrated 4 Yard Capacity Hopper.
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Single Or Three Phase/Includes Outfeed Conveyor

Rebuilt CMIII Continuous Motion Potting Machine

Continuous Motion Fill And Drill Potting Machine System For Up To 12″ Diameter Pots. Capable Of 100 Pots Per Minute With Realistic One Gallon Production Of 75 Pots Per Minute! The Potting Machine Pictured Below Utilizes An Ellis Hopper And Incline Conveyors To Use The Customers Existing Pieces To Increase The CM’s Original Soil Capacity.
All Hydraulic Reliability!!!
We converted the existing pieces to hydraulic for variable speed flow control of Hopper And Incline From Main Control Tower. Two 10 HP Hydraulic Power Units Were Used To Power The Increased Potting Machine System Size.

Includes Infeed And Outfeed Conveyors, Original CMIII Feed Hopper And Soil Return Conveyor And One Set Pot Holders And Drills. Order Yours Now!!!

HES Mobile Potting Machine

Never Used Potting Machine System With Soil Return And Outfeed Conveyor. Everything for Field Potting Is On The Trailer! Provisions For Generator And Pallets Of Liners/Pots. Plant At The Soil Discharge, On The Conveyor, Or On The Pad!!! Outfeed Conveyor Rotates For Movement Through Nursery Then Swings Out Along Pad For Pot Placement. Pot Up To 7 Gallon With Options Available To Increase Pot Size Capability

Hydraulic And Electrical Controls Mounted With Power Unit On Trailer Tongue.

Galvanized Frame!!!

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Approximate Number Of Pots Per Yard Of Potting Media

1 Gallon=250 Pots Per Yard 2 G=110 PPY 3 G=80 PPY
5 G=50 PPY 7 G=35 PPY 10 G=20 PPY
15 G=14 PPY 25 G=7 PPY 65 G=3 PPY